Eighteenth-Century Comedy

Friday, November 6, 1987
7.45 pm

The Scottish Masking Company
An Eighteenth-Century Comedy Double Bill


Masquers (in order of appearance)
Mercury (Jupiter's messenger)  - Christopher Hobkirk
Paris (mortal son of Priam, King of Troy) - Stephen Chaundy
Juno (wife of Jupiter) - Elizabeth Fletcher
Pallas (goddess of arts and arms)  - Lottie Horsman
Venus (goddess of love) - Irene Drummond
Jupiter (ruler of the heavens) - Nicholas Jones
Momus (fictional satirist of the gods) - Nicholas Macklon
Erynnis (spirit of evil and discord) - David Pounder

Bridget Biagi - director
Christopher Bell - conductor
Michael Burden - producer

Gordon Hughes - lighting
Daphne Pratt - costumes
Neil Metcalfe - repetiteur
Alison Prain - publicity

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


The Judgement of Paris (c. 1741) ... Thomas Arne 
 Libretto by William Congreve

Setting:  Arcadia


The Golden Pippin ... Libretto and pastiche score by Kane O'Hara (1773)

Setting: Jupiter's Thunderbolt Casino


Tonight you will see the same story twice.  In the first half of the evening 'The Judgement of Paris' will be played.  It will be followed by 'The Golden Pippin', a satire on the same subject.  Each character is his own burlesque, except the figures of Momus and Erynnis, who manipulate the action only in the second work.


Performance Type:

4-page yellow A4 folded
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by Michael Burden.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets £3.50, Concessions £2.50 available from Edinburgh University Music Faculty Office, 12 Nicolson Square andat the door
Publicity and Reviews: 

Advertised as 'A rare opportunity to see a masque by one of the most sophisticated Restoration playwrights, followed by the first performance since the eighteenth-century of its Burlesque, in which the Goddesses cheat at cards'.

[Reid] Professor: 
Faculty of Music

The performance was repeated on Saturday 7 November.