Edinburgh University Tercentenary Concert

Friday, April 18, 1884

This concert was included as part of several days of celebrations to mark the tercentenary of the University of Edinburgh in 1884.


The core of the orchestra and chorus was provided by Edinburgh University Musical Society and their numbers were augmented by professional and amateur musicians from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and London.  The concert was under the direction of Professor Herbert Stanley Oakeley.

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I
(1)  Students' Song, "Alma Mater," ... H. S. Oakeley
(re-set in 1884)


(2)  Overture, "Zauberflöte," (or Falauto Magico) ... Mozart

(3)  Chorus, "Fest-Gesang," no. 2 "Lied" ... Mendelssohn

(4)  Recit. and Air, "O ruddier than the cherry" (Acis and Galatea), ... Handel
     Mr W. Sneddon

(5)  National Melodies in Chorus
   (a)  "Cam' ye by Athole." ... Neil Gow, Junr.
   (b)  "What's a' the Steer."

(6)  Solo pianoforte 
   (a) Prelude in B minor ... Chopin
   (b) Menuetto e Trio (Fantasia-Sonata) ... Schubert
    Mr MacEwan

(7)  Chorus, "Hail to the Chief," ... Sir Henry Bishop

(8)  March, from "St Polycarp," ... Sir Frederick A. Gore-Ouseley


Part II
(9)  Overture, "Euryanthe," ... Weber

(10) Chorus, "Home they brought her warrior dead," ... H. S. Oakeley
 (originally as a solo song.  Arranged as a chorus for Edinburgh Students)

(11) Song, "Ich denke dein," ... Beethoven
        Mr G. De B. Watson

(12) National Melodies in Chorus
   (a)  "The Boatie Rows."
   (b) "Jock o' Hazeldean."

(13) From Suite in D, (a) Air (string quintett), (b) Gavotte (orchestra) ... Bach

(14) Trio, solo and chorus, 
   (a) "Mynheer van Dunck," (The Law of Java) ... Sir H. Bishop
   (b) "Auld langsyne."

(15) Festal March, "Edinburgh," op. 22 ... H. S. Oakeley
   (Dedicated to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh)

The National Anthem: "God Save the Queen."
    based on the arrangement for mixed voices by Sir Michael Costa whose fine orchestral arrangement is used on this occasion.


The Grand Pianoforte used on this occasion is kindly lent by Messrs Paterson & Sons, 27 George Street.
Nos. 1,5,7,12, and 14(b) Harmonised for male chorus, and nos. 1,3,5,1,12,and 14(b) scored by H.S.O.]

Performance Type:

24-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Extensive and detailed programme notes by Professor Oakeley.

In the note on "Hail to the Chief", Oakeley writes, In his admirable "Story of the University of Edinburgh," Sir Alexander Grant truly remarks of Bishop:- "He now lives in the University of Edinburgh in his glees, which the students are never weary of performing at their concerts."

Robert Home & Son, Edinburgh