Edinburgh Orchestral Festival Reid Concert 1890

Thursday, February 13, 1890
7.45 pm

Principal Artists

Miss Anna Williams - soprano
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé) - violiniste
Sir Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Introduction, pastorale, Minuet and March ... General Reid

Overture, "Flauto Magico" ... Mozart

Grand scena, Recit: "Ocean! thou mighty monster," Aria: "Still I see thy billows flashing" from "Oberon" ... Weber
  Miss Anna Williams

Violin concerto in A minor, no. 8, "In modo di Scene cantante" ... Spohr
  Lady Hallé and orchestra

War song, "Israel in Egypt" ... Handel

Symphony in C minor, no. 5, op. 67 ... Beethoven

Part II

Overture: "Fidelio," ... Beethoven

Song or "Valentine" (Song Album, no. 11)  H.S. Oakeley

Pianoforte solos, (a) "La Fileuse," op. 157, no. 1 ... Raff
  (b)  Valse Allemande, op. 82, no. 5 ... Rubenstein
  Sir Charles Hallé

Song:  "The Veiled Prophet," ... Prof. C. Villiers Stanford
  Miss Anna Williams

Violin solos,  Two Hungarian dances ... Brahms
  Lady Hallé

Overture, "Guillaume Tell," ... Rossini

16 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes for the Mozart overture are taken partly from the Reid Concert Book of 1881and include a quotation by C.F.Pohl, published in "Grove's Dictionary of Music"