Edinburgh Orchestral Festival: Reid Concert 1887

Monday, February 14, 1887
7.45 pm

Principal Artistes

Miss Amy Sherwin - soprano
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Introduction, pastorale (with flute and clarinet etc.) minuet and march ... General Reid


Overture, "Jessonda" ... Spohr

Recit. and Aria, "Irene," or "Reine de Sabe," ... Gounod
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Concerto in F minor, no. 2, op. 21 ... Chopin
  pianoforte, Mr Hallé, with his orchestra

Recit. and Air, "Wie nahte mit der Schlummer" (Freischütz) ... Weber
  Miss Amy Sherwin

Symphony in A major, no. 7 op. 92 ... Beethoven

Part II

Incidental Music, "Midsummer Night's Dream" ... Mendelssohn

Song, "Adelaida" ... Beethoven
  Mr Edward Lloyd accompanied by Mr Charles Hallé

Rhapsodie Hongroise, no. 2 in D (Dedicated to Joachim) ... Liszt

Romance, "Couplets du Mysoli" (La Perle du Brésil) ... Felicien David
  Miss Amy Sherwin,   flute obbligato - M. F. Brossa

Song, "Love's Altar," ... H. S. Oakeley (song album, no. 8)
  Mr Edward Lloyd
(last sung here in 1885, and now selected by the vocalist)

Overture, "Guillaume Tell," ... Rossini



24 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by H.S.O and Grove. 
Note for the Beethoven taken from the Reid Concert book of 1869.

Entr'acte to the Liszt work include an extract, in the form of a letter, dated 1865, from an interview with Liszt.
"At a time when the name and the music of Liszt, who died last year, is naturally more than ever before the public, the subjoined account (which can be vouched for) of a matinee with the great musician may be read with interest"

Of the Rossini overture H.S.O. says "Perhaps no overture makes a more brilliant finale, and here is another reason for its introduction at the end of the forty-seventh Reid Concert, the twenty-second given by the fifth professor and the fifty-third since that concert developed into an Orchestral Festival.

At the back of the book there is a record of orchestral music introduced or repeated duing the last twenty years at these Festival concerts.

Robert Home and Son, Edinburgh