Edinburgh Orchestral Festival: Reid Concert 1881

Monday, February 14, 1881
7.45 pm

Principal Artistes

Madlle. Marie Breidenstein - soprano
Mr Joseph Maas - tenor
Madame Norman-Neruda - violiniste

Mr Charles Hallé - pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Introduction, pastorale, minuet and march, ... General Reid

Overture, "Flauto magico," ... Mozart

Recit, and Air, etc. "Unglücksel'ge" (Infelice) ... Mendelssohn
  Madlle. Breidenstein

Concerto for violin and orchestra, no. 12, in A, op. 79 ... Spohr
  (first time in Scotland)
  Violin - Madame Norman-Neruda and orchestra

Recit., "My arms! against this Gorgias will I go," and Air, "Sound an alarm!" (Judas Maccabaeus) ... Handel
  Mr Joseph Maas

Symphony in A major, no. 7 op. 92 ... Beethoven

Interval of ten minutes

Part II

Pianoforte concerto in B flat, op. 18 ... Hermann Goetz
  (first time in Scotland)
  Mr Charles Hallé and his orchestra

Songs,  (a)  "Farewell," op. 15, no. 1  (b) "Troubadour's Song," op. 25, no. 1... H.S. Oakeley
  Mr Joseph Maas

Solo violin, "Sarabande," and "Tambourin," in D major ... Léclair 
  Madame Norman-Neruda

Orchestral Pieces, (from Sylvia) ... Léo Delibes
  (a)  Prelude, les Chasseresses
  (b) Valse lente
  (c) Pizzicati

Lieder, (a)  "Auftrage," op. 77, no. 5 ... Schumann
  (b) "Wiegenlied," ... Taubert
  Madlle. Breidenstein

March, "Tannhauser,"  ... Wagner

28-page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Note on the Mozart by Grove

Note on the Beethoven, taken from the Reid Concert Book of 1869

Other notes by H.S.O.

Publicity and Reviews: 

Reviewed in The Musical Standard, 28 February 1881 by J.C.D. (possibly J.C. Dibdin), p. 135 where it ws reported that "Halle's orchestra were in fine working order, did their portion in the finest style, receiving great applause throughout, and a hearty encore to the 'Pizzicati' movement from Delibes 'Sylvia.'"

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