Edinburgh Orchestral Festival: Reid Concert 1878

Wednesday, February 13, 1878
7.45 pm

The Thirty-eighth Commemorative Reid Concert on the birth-day of the munificent Founder of the Chair of Music - the thirteenth concert under the present regime -  having commenced with a specimen, according to injunction, of the compositions of General Reid, thus terminates with a specimen of novelty in orchestration produced about the middle of the present century - of music now much in vogue in Germany, if not, as the admirers claim for it, "The Music of the Future." H.S.O.


Principal Artistes

Mdlle. Thelka Friedlaender - soprano
Herr. Georg Henschel - basso
Madame Norman-Neruda - violin

Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

The Hallé Orchestra
Herr L. Straus - leader

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
Introduction, Pastoral, Minuet and March ... General Reid
Overture, "Michael Angelo," ... Gade
Recit.  and Aria, "Unglückesel'ge,"  Op.94 ... Mendelssohn
  Madlle. Thelka Friedländer
Serenade, "Agrippina," and Air, "Almira,"  ... Handel
  Herr Henschel
Grand Symphony, "The Eroica," No.3 ... Beethoven


Part II
Concerto for Pianoforte, in B flat, No.4 ... Mozart
  Soloist - Mr Charles Hallé  (first time in Scotland)
Song (or Valentine) ... H.S. Oakeley
  Herr Henschel
Fantasie Caprice, Violin and Orchestra ... Vieuxtemps
  Soloiste - Madame Norman-Neruda
Lieder, (a) "So lass mich scheinen," and (b) "Mein Herzensschatz," ... Rubenstein
  Madlle. Friedlnder
Scherzo, From "Reformation Symphony," ... Mendelssohn
Lieder, (a) "In questa tomba," ... Beethoven,
           (b) "Der Neugierige," ... Schubert
           (c) "Fluthenreicher Ebro," ... Schumann
  Herr Henschel
Overture, "Tannhauser," ... Wagner




32 page booket
Programme Notes: 

The Prelude to the programme is the Introduction, Pastorale, Minuet and March by General Reid.  The spirited words adapted to the music of the March are printed.
Programme notes on the Gade, the extensive note and analysis of the Beethoven symphony are provided - slightly abridged - and quoted by permission of George Grove, Esq., D.C.L.
Text for vocal items is printed and in some cases there is also a translation into English.
Other notes and comments are written by Professor Oakeley.

Home and MacDonald, Greenside Lane, Edinburgh

Although the Mozart piano concerto in B flat is numbered as no.4 in the programme listing, the musical examples on p.24 indicate that it is the one now referred to as no.15, K.450.

The orchestral list on p.3 is noteworthy for the inclusion (at this quite late date) of an ophicleide player, one Mr F. J. Batley.