Edinburgh Orchestral Festival: Reid Concert 1877

Tuesday, February 13, 1877
7.45 pm

Principal Artistes

Madlle. Thelka Friedlander - soprano
Signor Foli - basso

Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Introduction, pastorale, minuet and march ... General Reid

Overture,  "A midsummer night's dream", op. 21 (1826) ... Mendelssohn

Aria, "Glocklein im Thale" (Euryanthe) ... Weber
  Madlle.  Thelka Friedländer

Concerto  for pianoforte and orchestra, op. 54 ... Schumann
  Mr Charles Hallé

Air, "Revenge, Timotheous cries," (Alexander's Feast) ... Handel 
  Signor Foli

Symphony in D minor, no. 5, op. 67... Beethoven

An interval of fifteen minutes

Part II

Overture, "Echoes from Ossian," ... Gade
Nachklänge von Ossian

Aria (di Giovannini), (a)  "Willst du dein Herz mir schenken," ... Bach
Song,    (b)  "Ask me no more," op. 24, no. 3 ... Oakeley 
  Madlle. Thelka Friedländer

Minuet (for muted strings) ... Boccherini

Ballad  "The two Grenadiers," op. 49, no. 1 ... Schumann
  Signor Foli

Pianoforte solos,
  (a)  Menuetto grazioso,  (b)  Tambourin ... Gluck
    (transcribed by Charles Hallé)
   Mr Charles Hallé

Festal March,  "Edinburgh," op. 22 ... Oakeley


Programme Notes: 

The programme note for the Beethoven, op. 67: "... in place of a regular analysis of the work (which has previously been given at these concerts,) my readers will be kind as to accept a translation of some remarks by M. Berlioz, than whom no musician was ever at once more able and more willing to do justice to this great work of Beethoven..."

Professor Oakeley's 'Festal March': ... dedicated to the Duke of Edinburgh in commemoration of the Royal Marriage, and of H.R.H. becoming patron of Edinburgh University Musical Society, was first performed at the Liverpool Festival, September 29, 1974 when it was conducted by the composer ..."

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