Edinburgh Orchestral Festival: Reid Concert 1876

Saturday, February 12, 1876
7.45 pm

This Reid Concert which concludes with music by a living composer of such repute [Wagner] is the Thirty-Sixth which has taken place and the Eleventh given by the fifth Professor of Music.  H.S.O.


Principal Artistes

Madame Antoinette Sterling
Mr Edward Lloyd
Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
Introduction, Pastorale, Minuet and March ... General Reid
Overture, "Euryanthe," ... Weber
Recit. and Canzonetta,  "Al questo Seno," "Quando miro," ... Mozart
  Mdme. Antoinette Sterling (Her first appearance)
Pianoforte and orchestra, Caprice (Allegro giojoso), in E major, Op.22 ... Sterndale-Bennett
  Mr Charles Hallé
  First time
Recit. and Air, "My arms! against this Gorgias will I go!" "Sound an Alarm!", (Judas Maccabæus) ... Handel
  Mr Edward Lloyd
Symphony in A major, No.7, Op.92... Beethoven

Part II
Overture, "Hebrides," Op.26 ... Mendelssohn
  (a) "Wonne der Wehmuth," ... Beethoven
  (b) "Es was ein Konig in Thule," ... Liszt
  Mdme. Antoinette Sterling
Andantino and Gavotte from Orchestral Suite, No.6 ... Lachner
  (First time in Scotland)
Ballad, "Edward Gray," ... H.S.Oakeley
  Mr Edward Lloyd
  (First time)
Pianoforte solos,
  (a) Des Abends (Fantaisie Stücke), Op.12 No.1... Schumann
  (b) Impromptu in F minor, Op.142, No.4 ... Schubert
Grand March, "Tannhauser," ... Wagner



32 page booket
Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets: Centre, 7/6; Side seats (raised) & Front gallery, 5/-; Under gallery, 3/-; Back & Organ gallery 2/6
Publicity and Reviews: 

Review:  The Times, Feb 21, 1876; pg. 4 Issue 28557 - The Edinburgh Reid Concerts ...

Home and MacDonald, Greenside Lane, Edinburgh

The orchestral list on p.3 is noteworthy for the inclusion (at this quite late date) of an ophicleide player, one Mr Batley.