Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1891

Saturday, February 14, 1891
2.30 pm

Edinburgh Orchestral Festival (Twenty-second year) 1891
Second Concert, Saturday afternoon, 14th February at 2.30 pm


Madame Lillian Nordica - soprano
(Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé) - violiniste) [on the day of the performance Lady Hallé was indisposed - see Notes]
Herr Willy Hess - violin
Sir Charles Hallé - conductor and pianist

Orchestra of 70 performers

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I

Overture, "Die Fliegender Holländer" ... Wagner

Recit and Cavatina, "Here alone" etc. "Far greater in his lowly state" (Reine de Saba) ... Gounod
  Madame Nordica

Concerto for Pianoforte, No. 4 in G, Op. 58 ... Beethoven
  Allegro Moderato
  Andante con moto
  Rondo, Vivace
 Sir Charles Hallé and his Orchestra

Symphony No. 9, in C major ... Schubert
  Andante : Allegro ma non troppo (C Major)
  Andante con moto (A Minor and Major)
  Scherzo : Allegro (in C) and Trio (in A Major)
  Finale : Allegro vivace (C major)
   (Last played at these Concerts in 1875)


Interval of Fifteen Minutes

Part II

Overture, "Coriolan" ... Beethoven

Violin Solo, Fantasie Caprice in A ... H. Vieuxtemps
  Lady Hallé

Song, "La Fiancée du Marin" ... H.S. Oakeley
  Madame Nordica

Orchestral Sketch, "In the steppes of Central Asia" ... Borodin
  (First time)

Polacca, "Esmeralda" ... Goring Thomas
  Madame Nordica

Overture, "Semiramide" ... Rossini


Performance Type:

Publicity and Reviews: 

"The Times," in its review of the 1891 Reid Festival recorded that:
"Extreme regret was caused by the absence, owing to serious illness of Lady Hallé, but the music selected by her was admirably played by the leader of the orchestra, Herr Willy Hess, who was enthusiastically recalled after each of his solos."
"Independently of their musical interest these two occasions are likely to be specially remembered as being the last of the 72 orchestral festival concerts given by the present Professor of Music, whose ill-health last year compelled him to send in his resignation of the Chair of Music, and whose retirement takes place in three months time.  The performances will also be memorable as the last by Sir Charles Hallé's band in connexion with the Reid concerts, which have so greatly aided musical taste in Edinburgh."


The Reid Festival in 1891 comprised two concerts, on the Friday evening and the Saturday afternoon.
Due to Professor Oakeley's illness the organisation of this 1891 Reid Festival was overseen by Dr John Grieg, who also covered some of Oakeley's classes in the academic year 1890-91.

The Festival concert on Saturday 14th February was described as 'revised programme' but it is not clear which aspects were 'revised'. or why.