Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1890

Friday, February 14, 1890
8.00 pm

Edinburgh Orchestral Festival (Twenty-first year) 1890
Second Concert, Friday Evening, 14th February,  at Eight o'clock



Miss Anna Williams - soprano
Miss Edmonds - second soprano

Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Sir Charles Hallé - pianist and conductor
Edinburgh Choral Union

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I

"Sinfonia Cantata,"  "Lobgesang" Op. 52 (1840) ... Mendelssohn
  (The Hymn of Praise)

No. 1 - Symphony (Orchestra)
 (a) Maestoso con Moto. (b) Allegro. (c) Allegretto agitato (with Chorale). (d) Adagio religioso

No. 2 - Chorus
All men, all things, all that has life and breath, sing to the Lord. Hallelujah!
Praise the Lord with late and harp, in joyful song extol Him, and let all flesh magnify His might and His glory.

No. 2½ - Solo (Miss Anna Williams) and Semi-Chorus
Praise thou the Lord, O my spirit, and my inmost soul praise His great loving kindness.  
Praise thou the Lord, O my spirit, and forget thou not all His benefits.

No. 3 Recitative (Mr Edward Lloyd)
Sing ye praise, all ye redeemed of the Lord, from the hand of the foe, from your distresses, from deep affliction; who sat in the shadow of death and darkness.  All ye that cry in trouble unto the Lord, sing ye praise! give ye thanks, proclaim aloud His goodness.
He counteth all your sorrows in the time of need. He comforts the bereaved with His regard.  Sing ye praise, give ye thanks, proclaim aloud His goodness.

No. 4 - Chorus
All ye that cried unto the Lord in distress and deep affliction.  He counteth all your sorrows in the time of need.

No. 5 - Duet (Miss Anna Williams and Miss Edmonda) and Chorus
I waited for the Lord, He inclined unto me, He heard my complaint; O blessed are they that hope and trust in the Lord.

No. 6 - Solo (Mr Edward Lloyd)
The sorrows of death had closed all around me, and hell's dark terrors had got hold upon me, with trouble and deep heaviness; ut said the Lord, "Come, arise from the dead, and awake thou that sleepest, I bring thee salvation."
We called through the darknes, "Watchman will the night soon pass?" The watchman only said, "Though the morning will come, the night will come also."  Ask ye, inquire ye, ask if ye will, enquire ye, return again, ask, "Watchman will the night soon pass?"

No. 7 - Solo and Chorus
The night is departing, the day is approaching.  thereore let us cast off the works of darkness, and let s gird on the armour of light.  The day is approaching, the night is departing.

No. 8 - Chorale (Nun Danket alle Gott, A.D. 1648)

Let all men praise the Lord,
 In worship lowly bending,
On His most Holy Ward,
 Redeem'd from woe depending.
His gracious is and just,
 From childhood us doth lead;
On Him we place our trust
 And hope, in time of need.

Glory and praise to God
 The Father, Son, be given,
And to the Holy Ghost,
 On high enthron'd in heaven.
Praise to the Three-One God;
 With pow'rful arm and strong,
He changeth night to day;
 Praise Him with grateful song.

No. 9 - Duet (Miss Williams and Mr Lloyd)
My song shall alway be Thy mercy, singing Thy praise, Thou only God, my tongue ever speak the goodness Thou hast done unto me.
I wandered in night and foulest darkness, and mine enemies stood threatening around yet called I upon the Name of the Lord, and He redeemed me with watchful goodness.

No. 10 - Chorus
Ye nations, offer to the Lord glory and might.
Ye monarchs, offer to the Lord glory and might.
Thou heaven, offer to the Lord glory and might.
The whole earth, offer to the Lord glory and might.
O give thanks to the Lord, Praise Him, all ye people, and ever praise his Holy Name.
Sing ye the Lord, and ever praise His Holy Name.
All that has life and breath, sing to the Lord.





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