Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1889

Tuesday, February 12, 1889
8.00 pm

Edinburgh Orchestral Festival (Twentieth year) 1889
Second Concert, Tuesday Evening, 12th February.  Concert to commence at Eight p.m.


Sir Charles Hallé's Grand Orchestra

Miss Anna Williams - soprano
Mr W. H. Brereton - basso
Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé) - violiniste
Sir Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I

Overture, "Egmont" ... Beethoven

Recit and Aria, "Ah perfido," "Per Pietà" ... Beethoven
  Miss Anna Williams

Adagio nd Rondo, Violin Concerto in E major ... Vieuxtemps
  Madame Neruda (Lady Hallé) and Orchestra

Song, "Qui Sdegno" (Flauto Magico) ... Mozart
  Mr W. H. Brereton

Symphony No. 4, "Italian" ... Mendelssohn
  (a) Allagro assai, in A major
  (b) Andante con moto in D minor
  (c) Con moto moderato (quasi Menuetto), in A major
  (d) Presto, Salterello, in A minor


Interval of fifteen minutes

Part II

Overture, "Meistersinger" ... Wagner

Song, "Roberto, O tu che adoro" ... Meyerbeer
  Miss A. Williams,  (Corno Inglese, Mr Reynolds)

Pianoforte solos, from "Scenes of Country Life" Op. 19 ... Grieg
  (a) Norwegian Bridal Procession, [op.19, no. 2]
  (b) Carnival-time, [op. 19, no. 3]

Rhapsodie, No. 4 ... Liszt

Song, "O hear the wild winds blow" ... Mattei
  Mr W. H. Brereton

Overture, "The ruler of the Spirits" ... Weber

Programme Notes: 

No programmes notes but words (with translations) were provided for the vocal items.