Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1888

Tuesday, February 14, 1888
8.00 pm

Edinburgh Orchestral Festival (Nineteenth Year) Grand Concert of Chamber Music
Third Performance, Tuesday evening, 14th February 1888.  Concert to commence at 8 p.m.


Principals of Mr Halle's orchestra

Signor Risegari - second violin
Herr Straus - viola
Mons. Vieuxtemps - violoncello
Herr J. Hoffmann - double bass
Mr G. A. Hoffmann - clarinet
Mons. Lalande - bassoon
Herr F. Paersch - horn
Madame Norman-Neruda - first violin
Mr Charles Hallé, LL.D., - pianoforte

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I

Grand Quintett, Pianoforte and Strings, in e flat, op. 44 ... Schumann
 (a) Allegro brillante
 (b) In modo d'una Marcia (funebre)
 (c) Scherzo
 (d) Allegro, ma non troppo
   Mr Hallé, Madame norman-Neruda, Signor Risegari,
   Herr Straus and Mons. Vieuxtemps

Sonata for Pianoforte and Violin in A major ... Bach
  Mr Charles Hallé and Madame Norman-Neruda

Solo Pianoforte: 
 (a) Caprice Brillant, in E, Op. 33, no. 3 ... Mendelssohn
 (b) Prelude and Fugue in E minor, Op. 35, No. 1 ... Mendelssohn
  Mr Charles Hallé

Solo Violin, (a) Barcarolle in G minor,  (b) Scherzo in D ... Spohr
  Madame Norman-Neruda


Part II

Grand Septuor, Op. 20 ... Beethoven
 (a) Adagio, (b) Allegro con brio, in E flat,
 (c) Adagio Cantabile, in A flat
 (d) Tempo di Menuetto, in E flat
 (e) Tema con 5 Variazioni, in B flat
 (f) Scherzo and Trio, Molto vivace, in e flat
 (g) Andante con moto, in E flat minor; and
 (h) Finale, Presto, in E flat major

   Madame Norman-Neruda (First violin)
   Herr Straus (Viola)
   M. Vieuxtemps (Violoncello)
   Herr J. Hoffmann (Double Bass)
   Herr G. A. Hoffman (Clarinet)
   M. Lalande (Bassoon)
   Herr F. Paersch (Horn) 


Programme Notes: 

No programme notes