Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1887

Saturday, February 12, 1887
2.30 pm

A concert given in connection with the 1887 Annual Reid Festival offering two opportunities for the public to hear Mr Charles Hallé and his orchestra whom Sir Herbert Oakeley had engaged for the occasion.  The Annual Reid Concert was presented two days later on Monday 14 February 1887.


Mr Edward Lloyd - vocalist
Mr Charles Hallé - solo piano and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

This programme information is taken from the report of the concert in The Musical Times, March 1, 1887 (vol 28, no. 259, p. 168) and may not reflect the order of the works presented on the afternoon of the concert.

Part I

Grand Overture:  "Weihe des Hauses" (Op. 124) ... Beethoven

Recit, Air, "My arms against this Gorgias will I go"  "Sound an alarm" (Judas Maccabæus) ... Handel
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Concerto No. 2,  (Andante and Finale) ... Tchaikovsky
 (The Violin and Violoncello Solo Parts in the Andnate will be
   performed by Herr Straus and M. Vieuxtemps)

  Pianoforte - Mr Hallé with his orchestra

Recitative and Aria, "O Rachel" (La Juive) ... Halévy
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Symphony in C major ... Schumann
  Allegro Vivace, Sostenuto, Allegro
  Scherzo.  Trio I & II, Coda
  Adagio espressivo
  Allegro molto vivace
 (introduced to Scotland at these Concerts in 1874)


Part II

Incidental Music from "Bal Costumé" ... Rubenstein
  (a) Introduction
  (b) "Berger et Bergière"
  (c) "Pélerin et Fantaisie"
  (d) "Toreador et Andalouse"
   (First time)

Songs, (a) "Songs my mother taught me" (b) "I chant my lay" ... Dvorák
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Introduction to Act III, "Lohengrin" ... Wagner

  (a) Impromptu in F sharp ... Chopin
  (b) "La Truite" ... (Schubert), S.Heller 
  Mr Hallé

Overture, "Jubilee" ... Weber








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