Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1884

Tuesday, February 12, 1884
8.00 pm

Second Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1884
on Tuesday evening,  February 12th, 1884.  Concert to commence at eight o'clock.


Orchestra of 70 performers

Miss Anna Williams - soprano
Mr Frederic King - baritone
Madame Norman-Neruda
Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I
Overture, "Waverley" ... Berlioz
  (First time in Scotland

Scena, "Ocean, thou mighty monster" (Oberon) ... Weber
  Miss Anna Williams

Violin Concerto, "Scotch," in E flat ... Max Bruch
  Introduzione.  Grave
  Adagio Cantabile
  Allegro alla Danza
  Andante Sostenuto
  Finale. Allegro guerriero
   (First time)
 Madame Norman-Neruda and Orchestra

Song, "Odi tu" (Marinaresca) ... Tito Mattei
  Mr Frederic King

Symphony in B flat, No. 1 ... Schumann
  (a) Andante Moderato; Allegro Molto Vivace
  (b) Larghetto
  (c) Scherzo: Molto Vivace. Trio No. 1, Trio No. 2
  (d) Allegro animato e grazioso
 (Played for the first time in Scotland at these Concerts in 1875)


Part II
Overture, "Melusina" ... Mendelssohn
 (Played for first time in Scotland at Reid Concert of 1873)

Pianoforte solos, (a) Nocturne in G minor ... Chopin
                           (b) Gavotte in C ... Geminiani (Arranged for pianoforte by Charles Hallé)
  Mr Charles Hallé

Song, "O Sleep" (Semele) ... Handel
  Miss Anna Williams

Scherzo from the Ninth Symphony ... Beethoven

Violin Solo,  Romanza and Scheerzo ... F. Ries
  Madame Norman-Neruda

Songs, (a) "Il Ritorno del Montanar" (Mountaineer's Return), (b) "Flow down, cold rivulet, to the sea" ... H.S. Oakeley
  Mr Frederic King

Pageant March from "La Reine de Saba" ... Gounod

Programme Notes: 

No programme notes but words for songs were provided.