Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1884

Saturday, February 9, 1884

First Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1884
on Saturday afternoon, February 9th, 1884.  Concert to commence at half-past two o'clock.


Orchestra of 70 performers

Miss Anna Williams - soprano
Mr Frederic King - baritone
(Madlle Marie Krebs - pianoforte)
Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I
Overture, "Don Giovanni" ... Mozart

Recit. and Aria, "O qual furor" (Fidelio) ... Beethoven
  Miss Anna Williams

Pianoforte Concerto, "Rondo Brillant in E flat, op. 29 ... Mendelssohn
  Mr Charles Halle and his Orchestra
Prelude and Fugue "Alla Tarantella" ... J.S. Bach
  Madlle Marie Krebs

Song, "Rage, thou angry storm" ... Benedict
  Mr Frederic King

Symphony, "Die Weihe der Töne" (The Consecration of Sound)... Spohr
  1. Largo. - Silence of Naturee before the birth of Sound
      Allegro. - Burst of Joyous Life - Voices of animated Nature - Storm
  2. Andantino. - Cradle Song
      Allegro. - Dance - Serenade
  3. March. - Martial Music - March to Battle - Regret of those left behind - Warrior's Return Home
  4. Andante Maestoso. - Thanksgiving for Victory
      (Founded on an ancient Chant of St Ambrose)
  5. Larghetto - Funeral Dirge
      (Founded on the Lutheran Burial Chorale)
  6. Comfort in Sorrow
      (Played for the first time at these Concerts in 1877)
              * Spohr, born in 1784       


Part II
Rhapsodie, "Slave" in A flat, Op. 31, No. 3 ... Dvořák
  (First time)

Song, "There's a Bower of Roses" ... C. Villiers Stanford
  Miss Anna Williams

Pianoforte solos,
     (a) Berceuse, (b) Etude, "Si oiseau j'étais á toi je volerais" ... Henselt
     (c) Valse in F, Op. 31, No. 3 ... Chopin
  Mr Charles Hallé

Rhapsodie Hongroise ... Liszt
  Madlle Marie Krebs

Andante and Finale from "Concerto Grosso" in B minor, for Orhestra ... Handel
  (First time in Scotland)

Song, "Maid of Athens" ... Gounod
  Mr Frederic King

Overture, "Egmont" ... Beethoven



Programme Notes: 

No programme notes but words for the songs are printed on a separate page.


The available copy of the printed programme has the pianoforte works performed by Madlle Marie Krebs.  The replacement work have been pencilled in and are incomplete.  There is no mention of the specific Rhapsody by Liszt in Part II.