Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1883

Saturday, February 10, 1883
2.30 pm

First Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1883
on Saturday afternoon, February 10th, 1883.  Concert to commence at half-past two o'clock.


Orchestra of 70 performers

Miss Mary Davies- soprano
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I
Overture, "Anacreon" ... Cherubini

Cavatina, Bells in the Valley" (Euryanthe) ... Weber

Concerto No. 3 ... Beethoven
  Allegro con brio
 Mr Charles Hallé, with his Orchestra

Recitative and Air, "Lo here, my love," "Love in her eyes sits playing" Acis and Galatea) ... Handel
 Mr Edward Lloyd

Symphony in D, no. 4 [London] ... Haydn
  Adagio. Allegro
  Menuetto, e Trio
  Allegro spiritoso


Part II
Overture, "Näides" ... W. Sterndale-Bennett

Songs (a) "Die Neugirige"  (b) "Wohin" ... Schubert
  Miss Mary Davies   (Accompanied by Mr Hallé)

Ballet Music, from "Polyeucte" ... Gounod
  (a) "Pan"
   1. Andante molto maestoso, Introduzione
   2. Adagio molto maestoso, Invocation
   3. Allegro moderato.  Pastoral Dance
         and appearance of the god Pan
  (b) "Bellona"
   1. Maestoso,  Introduzione
   2. Moderto e Marziale, Fanfare and March of the Roman Legions, Entry of Bellona, Combat, Warlike Dance
  (c) "Venus"
   1. Adagio etc. Appearance of Venus
   2. Waltz of the Nereids, Dance of Venus and Ensemble of Venus and the Nereids
   (First time)

Song, "Awake, awake" ... Piatti
  Mr Edward Lloyd
  (Violoncello Obligato - M. Vieuxtemps)

Overture, "Jessonda" ... Spohr

Programme Notes: 

No programme notes.  Words of the songs available on a separate sheet.