Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1876

Monday, February 14, 1876
8.00 pm

Third Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1876
on Monday evening,  Feb 14. 1876.  Concert to commence at eight o'clock.


Orchestra of about 70 performers

Madame Antoinette Sterling - soprano
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Herr Straus - leader of the band
M. Lavigne - oboe solo
Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part First

Overture, "Egmont" ... Beethoven

Aria, "Quel vago impallidir" (Petrach's Sonnets, no. 98) ... Hauptmann
  Madame Antoinette Sterling 

Pianoforte Concerto in A minor, op. 16 ... E. Grieg
  Allegro Molto, Moderato*
  Mr Charles Hallé
  (First time in Scotland)

Recit & Air, "His hideous love provokes my rage," "Love sounds the Alarm" (Acis and Galatea) ... Handel
  Mr Edward Lloyd

"Lenora," Grand Symphony in E, no. 5, op. 77 ... Raff
  (First time in Scotland)
               Part I                             Part II
        "Love and happiness"        "Separation"
               ____                                ____
             Allegro                     Tempo di Marcia
   Andante, quasi Larghetto

                            Part III
                  "Reunion in Death"
          (After Burger's Ballad "Lenora")

* In consequence of the length of this Concerto, and of Raff's Symphony, only the first movement of the former is played at this Concert.


Part Second

Overture, An Adventure of Handel's; or "The Power of Song"  ... Reinecke
  (First time in Scotland)

 (a) "Der Wachtelschlag" ... Schubert
 (b) "Sei still" ... Raff
 (c) " Wenn ich früh" ... Schumann
  Madame Antoinette Sterling

Pianoforte solo, Prelude and Fugue in A minor (Alla Tarantella) ... Bach
  Mr Charles Hallé

Wallenstein's Camp ... J. Rheinberger
  Scherzo (introducing a Soldier's Song of the time)
  Trio-Meno Mosso (The Friar's Sermon)
  (First time in Scotland)

Serenade (From "The Night Dancers" ... Edward Loder
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Overture, "Ferdinand Cortez" ... Spontini
  (First time in Scotland)


Performance Type:

Programme Notes: 

No programme notes.  Words for the texts were provided on a separate page.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets: Centre, 7/6; Side seats (raised) & Front gallery, 5/-; Under gallery, 3/-; Back & Organ gallery 2/6