Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1876

Saturday, February 12, 1876
2.00 pm

First Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1876
on Saturday morning, Feb. 12, 1876.  Concert to commence at two o'clock.


Orchestra of about 70 performers

Madame Antoinette Sterling - soprano
(Her first appearance in Scotland)
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Herr Straus - leader of the band
Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part First

Overture, "Anacreon" ... Cherubini  (was substituted for  "Don Giovanni" ... Mozart)

Song, "Slumber Song" (Christmas Oratorio) ... Bach
  Madame Antoinette Sterling

Concerto in C major, no. 1 ... Beethoven
  Allegro con brio
  Allegro Scherzando
 Pianoforte - Mr Charles Hallé

Aria, "Soft Airs" (Euryanthe) ... Weber
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Symphony no. 4 in B flat, op. 20 ... Gade
  Allegro Vivace
  Andante on moto
  Scherzo, Trio 1, Trio 2
  Finale - Molto vivace


Part Second

Overture. "Fier-a-bras," op. 76 ... Schubert
  (First time in Scotland)

Song, "The Three Ravens" ... Old English, 1550
  Madame Antoinette Sterling

Variations for Orchestra on a theme by Haydn, in B flat ... Brahms
  (First time in Scotland)

Song, "The Fisheer Maiden" ... Meyerbeer
  Mr Edward Lloyd

Musette, in Mireille ... Gounod
  Oboe solo- M. Lavigne

Pianoforte solos
  a. Nocturne in D flat ... Chopin
  b. Wanderer's Song and Hunting Piece ... Rheinberger
  Mr Charles Hallé

Overture, "The Merry Wives of Windsor" ... Nicolai


Performance Type:

Programme Notes: 

No programme notes but words were provided for the vocal items.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets: Centre, 7/6; Side seats (raised) & Front gallery, 5/-; Under gallery, 3/-; Back & Organ gallery 2/6