Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1875

Saturday, February 13, 1875
2.00 pm

First Grand Orchestral Concert at the Edinburgh Orchestral Festival 1875
on Saturday morning, Feb. 13, 1875.  Concert to commence at two o'clock.


Orchestra of about 70 performers

Miss Edith Wynne - soprano
Mr Edward Lloyd - tenor
Mr C Seymour and Herr Straus - leaders of the band
Mr Charles Halle - pianoforte soloist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part First

Overture, "Näides" ... Sterndale Bennett  (instead of "Der Freischütz" ... Weber)
  (as a tribute to the memory of the great English composer who was buried last week in Westminster Abbey) 

Recitative and Air, "From mighty kings he took the spoil" (Judas Maccabeus)... Handel

Concerto in C minor, no. 3 ... Beethoven
  Allegro con brio
   Mr Charles Hallé - pianoforte

Recitative, "Tis thy words that destroy"
Aria, "Our hearts in childhood's morn entwining" (Iphigenia in Tauris) ... Gluck
   Mr Edward Lloyd

Symphony in D, "Prague" ... Mozart
  Adagio, Allegro
   (First time at these Concerts)


Part Second

Overture, "Richard III" ... Volkmann
  (First time in Scotland)

Pianoforte solo,
   Preambulum, air, Passepied, and Gigue in G ... Bach
    Mr Charles Halle

Aria, "Pur diceste" ... Lotti
    Miss Edith Wynne

Orchestral Pieces
  (a) "Abends" ... Raff
  (b) "Liebeslied" (The Tempest) ... Taubert
   (Both for first time)

Aria, "Salve dimora" (Faust) ... Gounod
   Mr Edward Lloyd
   Violin Obbligato, Herr Straus

Overture, "Rienzi" ... Wagner
  (First time at these concerts)




Performance Type:

Programme Notes: 

No programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets: Centre, 7/6; Side seats (raised) & Front gallery, 5/-; Under gallery, 3/-; Back & Organ gallery 2/6