Bach at St Cecilia's Hall 1978

Saturday, June 10, 1978
8.00 pm.
1978 season, 7th concert

Seventh of a series of nine concerts entitled 'Bach at St Cecilia's Hall', given mostly at St Cecilia's Hall in the summer of 1978.
20th Century Music for Harpsichord.


Kenneth Leighton - harpsichord
Peter Williams - harpsichord

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Two early pieces
     Toccata ex tono primo ... Michelangelo Rossi
     Jüdentanz ... Hans Neusiedler

Harpsichord transcriptions
     Mikrokosmos 6
        Diary of a fly; Bulgarian dances no. 5 and 3 ... Bela Bartók
     Ludus tonalis
        Fuga quinta; Interludium; Fuga sesta ... Paul Hindemith
      Prelude and fugue in C ... Dimitri Shostakovich

Improvisations De Profundis opus 76 ... Kenneth Leighton


Six absences ... Hans Werner Henze

Continuum ... György Ligeti

Two canons for two harpsichords (The Art of Fugue) ... J. S. Bach

Six-part ricercare (The Musical Offering) ... J. S. Bach

Series brochure: 12 pages
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes by K.L. (Kenneth Leighton) for his Improvisations De Profundis, opus 76 only.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Season ticket (any 7 concerts) £5; Tickets £1; Student tickets 50p. Lecture and light refreshments tickets £1
Publicity and Reviews: 

Poster on blue paper giving outline details of all nine concerts.  Tickets on sale at the Edinburgh Bookshop, George Street, Edinburgh.

On p.2 of the brochure there is a list of lectures given in support of the concerts as follows: Hans Gal, 'Piano transcriptions of Bach' (20 May at 7 pm); Peter Williams, 'The new organ in the Reid Concert Hall' (21 May at 8 pm); informal disucssion with Wouter Moller of questions arising from the performance of the Cello Suites on authentic instruments (27 May at 10 pm); and Peter Williams, 'The Goldberg Variations' (11 June at 7 pm).

[Reid] Professor: 
The Summerhall Press Limited, 12a West Newington Place, Edinburgh

Harpsichords: two Hubbard-Davies harpsichords at modern pitch.

First Performance in World: 
Improvisations "De Profundis", opus 76