Bach at St Cecilia's Hall 1974

Sunday, June 9, 1974
8.30 pm.
1974 season, 5th concert

Fifth of a series of six concerts entitled 'Bach at St Cecilia's Hall', given at St Cecilia's Hall in the summer of 1974.
The Goldberg Variations (Clavierübung IV, c.1742).


Peter Williams - harpsichord

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

The Goldberg variations (Clavierübung IV, c.1742) ... J. S. Bach
1    2-part invention, one manual 3/4 (polonaise?)        D
2    3-part invention, one manual 2/4                           A
3    Canon at the unison 12/8                                       C
4    3-part invention, one manual 3/8 (passepied?)       D
5    Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
6    Canon at the second 3/8                                         C
7    2-part invention 6/8 (siciliano?)                              D  
8    Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
9    Canon at the third 4/4                                            C
10  Fughetta 2/2 (gavotte?)                                           D
11  Two manuals 12/16                                                A
12  Canon at the fourth 3/4 (inverted canon)                C
13  Two manuals 3/4 (sarabande doublée?)                  D
14  Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
15  Canon at the fifth 2/4 (inverted canon, G minor)     C


16  Ouverture (introduction and fugue)                         D
17  Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
18  Canon at the sixth 2/2                                            C
19  3-part invention 3/8 (minuet?)                                D
20  Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
21  Canon at the seventh 4/4 (G minor)                        C
22  3-part invention, alla breve (gavotte?)                     D
23  Two manuals 3/4                                                    A
24  Canon at the octave 9/8                                          C
25  Two manuals 3/4 (G minor)                                     D
26  Two manuals 18/16                                                A
27  Canon at the ninth 6/8                                            C
28  Two manuals 3/4                                                    D
29  One or two manuals 3/4                                          A
30  Quodlibet 4/4                                                          C
      D = dance    A = arabesque     c = canon

Series brochure: 8 pages
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes as such, although the list of variations gives details of time signature and movement type.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 65p
Publicity and Reviews: 

On p.7 of the brochure there is a list of lectures given in support and in advance of the concerts at 7pm as follows: Hans Gal, 'The Art of Fugue' (1 June), Rita McAllister, 'Schönberg, composer and painter' (8 June), and Peter Williams, 'The Goldberg Variations' (9 June).

[Reid] Professor: 
The Summerhall Press Limited, 12a West Newington Place, Edinburgh

The harpsichord used in the performance was by P. Taskin (Paris), 1769, tuned to low pitch (a'=c.415Hz).

In advance of the concert Dr Peter Williams gave a lecture at 7 pm on 'The Goldberg Variations' followed at 7.45 pm by refreshments in the Laigh Room .  Tickets for the lecture and refreshments 60p