Bach at St Cecilia's Hall 1974

Saturday, June 1, 1974
8.30 pm.
1974 season, 2nd concert

Second of a series of six concerts entitled 'Bach at St Cecilia's Hall', given at St Cecilia's Hall in the summer of 1974.
Art of Fugue, 1 (c. 1748/50).


Quartetto Esterhazy (Amsterdam)
Jaap Schröder - baroque violin, viola
Alda Stuurop - baroque violin
Wiel Peeters - baroque viola
Wouter Möller - baroque cello
Colin Kingsley - clavichord

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Art of Fugue ... J. S. Bach
Contrapunctus I (fugue à 4)
Contrapunctus III (fugue à 4, inverted subject)
Contrapunctus II (fugue à 4)
Contrapunctus IV (fugue à 4, inverted subject)
Contrapunctus XIIa (fugue à 4, rectus)
Contrapunctus XIIb (fugue à 4, inversus)
Contrapunctus XI (fugue à 4, broken subject)


Contrapunctus IV (fugue à 4)
Contrapunctus XVI (canon at the tenth)
Contrapunctus XIV (canon at the octave)
Contrapunctus VIII (fugue à 3)

Contrapunctus XV (canon à 2, per augmentationem in contratio motu)
Contrapunctus XVI (canon à 2, at the third)
Contrapunctus IX (fugue à 4, at the twelfth)

Series brochure: 8 pages
Programme Notes: 

There are no programme notes.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 65p
Publicity and Reviews: 

On p.7 of the brochure there is a list of lectures given in support and in advance of the concerts at 7pm as follows: Hans Gal, 'The Art of Fugue' (1 June), Rita McAllister, 'Schönberg, composer and painter' (8 June), and Peter Williams, 'The Goldberg Variations' (9 June).

[Reid] Professor: 
The Summerhall Press Limited, 12a West Newington Place, Edinburgh

The clavichord used in the concert was by J. A. Hass (Hamburg), 1763, and the pitch is given as 'low pitch (a'=c.415Hz). It is also recorded that the contrapunctus numbering is per the Bärenreiter edition.

In advance of the concert Dr Hans Gal gave a lecture at 7 pm on 'The Art of Fugue' followed at 7.45 pm by refreshments in the Laigh Room .  Tickets for the lecture and refreshments 60p.