Bach at St Cecilia's Hall 1973

Sunday, June 3, 1973
8.30 pm
1973, Concert 3 of 6

Montserrat Alavedra - soprano
Jaap Schroeder - baroque violin
Colin Kingsley - clavichord
Michael Tilmouth - cello, organ
Peter Williams - harpsichord

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Programme of music by J.S. Bach

Anna Magdalena Book
(a new arrangement from the two volumes of 1722 and 1725, to be performed without break) 

Aria di Giovannini, BWV 518
Minuet & Trio in G, BWV Anh. 114/5
"Dir, dir Jehova" BWV 299
Prelude in C, BWV 846
"Jesu meine Zuversicht"
  (a) for soprano (b) for violin (c) for soprano
"Warum betrubst du dich" BWV 516
"Wie wohl ist mir" BWV 517
Minuet & Trio in B minor, BWV 814
"Wer nur den lieben Gott lässt walten"
  (a) for soprano (b) for violin (c) for soprano
"Bist du bei mir" BWV 508


French suite in C minor, for clavichord, BWV 813

"Gib dich zufrieden" BWV 511
Aria in G, for harpsichord, BWV 988
Recitative & Aria, "Schlummert ein" from Cantata 82


Clavichord signed J. A. Hass, Hamburg 1764

8-page blue booklet outlining all six concerts
Programme Notes: 

No programme notes

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 65p, Supper tickets 35p
Publicity and Reviews: 

Publicity posters in two sizes on blue paper, outlining all six concerts with details of ticket prices.  Tickets on sale at the Edinburgh Bookshop, George Street, Edinburgh.

Advertisements in advance listing all concerts and in advance of each concert.

Reviews by Conrad Wilson (C.W.), and R.C. 

Programme is in the form of a brochure with details of all six concerts.

Various reviews in The Scotsman.21/05/1973; 28/05/1973

[Reid] Professor: 

A lecture on the programme "The Anna Magdalena Book" was given by Michael Tilmouth at 7 pm in the Laigh Room (a room on the ground floor immediately below the concert room).
The lecture was followed by a buffet supper with wine at 7.45 pm  Tickets for the buffet supper, 35p.

Harpsichord maintenance by John Barnes
Refreshments  by kind assistance of Faculty Staff