Annual Reid Concert 1954

Thursday, February 11, 1954
7.30 pm
1953-54 season, 6th concert

Barbara D. Laing - soprano
Vilma Schwaderer - flute
Sidney Newman - harpsichord and spinet
(printed on programme as Sydney Newman)

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

1.  Chromatic fantasia and fugue ... J.S. Bach

2.  Three Spiritual Songs (Geistliche Lieder) ... J.S. Bach
  (i)  Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier
 (ii)  Bist du bei mir
(iii)  Dir, dir Jehovah will ich singen

3.  Aria: "Ei! wie schmecht der Coffee susse," from 'The Coffee cantata' (1732) ... J.S. Bach
  for soprano, flute obbligato, and continuo)

4.  French suite no. 5 in G major ... J.S. Bach

5.  Solo for flute and harpsichord (thoroughbass)
      no. 1 in F major from the first set  ... General John Reid

6.  Group of sonatas (for "exerch") for harpsichord ... Domenico Scarlatti

7.  English songs of the eighteenth century 
  (i)  Recit. and aria: "O ravishing delight" ... Arne
 (ii) "Tell me, lovely shepherd" ... Boyce
(iii) "Cease awhile ye winds to blow" ... J.C. Bach
    (sung at Vauxhall Gardens 1767)
 (iv) Canzonet: Silor's song ... Haydn

8.  Solo for flute and harpsichord (thoroughbass)
      no. 2 in G major from the second set ... General Reid

4-page programme
Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme: one shilling