Annual Reid Concert 1893

Tuesday, February 14, 1893
8.00 pm

Programme of the fifty-third Reid Concert


Fräulein Marie Fillunger - soprano
Herr Julius Klengel - violoncello
Mr Charles Reynolds - oboe d'amore
Mr Francis Gibson - accompanist
Mr Maurice Sons - leader of the orchestra
Professor Niecks - conductor

Members of the orchestra for the 1893 Reid Concert

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
1.  Introduction, Pastorale, Minuet and March ... General Reid
2.  Overture, to Goethe's Tragedy, "Egmont," ... L. van Beethoven
3.  Scena and Aria, "Ah! perfido," concert aria, op. 65, for soprano and orchestra ... L. van Beethoven
  Fräulein Fillunger
4.  Andante, Minuet and Rondo ... J. S Bach
5.  Concerto, op. 33, in A minor for violoncello and orchestra ... Robert Volkmann
  Herr Julius Klengel
6.  Song, "Die Allmacht," ... Schubert
  Fräulein Fillunger
7.  Festklänge (festive strains), Symphonic poem for orchestra ... F. Liszt

Part II
8.  Concert Overture, "The Hebrides" (or "Fingal's Cave"), for orchestra ... F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy
9.  Solos for the violoncello with pianoforte accompaniment
  (a) Air, ... J. S Bach
  (b) Scène pittoresque, ... J. Massenet
  (c) Tarantelle, ... A. Piatti
10. Ballad Overture, "The Dowie Dens o' Yarrow," for orchestra, op. 6 ... Hamish MacCunn
11. Songs with pianoforte accompaniment
  (a) "Widmung," ... Schumann
  (b) "Meine Liebe ist grün," op. 63 ... Brahms
  Fräulein Fillunger
12. Scottish Rhapsody ... A.C. Mackenzie

24 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Programme notes, some with illustrations, by Professor Niecks.

The programme note for the Andante, minuet and rondo by J.S.Bach is identified solely as being for oboe d'amore and pianoforte accompaniment.  "The pieces which wll be played on this occasion are arrangements" but there is no further information as to the source.   The note gives information on the oboe d'amore and includes a quote from Sir George Grove's Dictionary of Music and Musicians. 

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets: Centre, 8/-; Front gallery, 6/-; Side seats 5/-; Unreserved 2/6 and 2/-; Back & Organ gallery (at the door only) 1/-; Programme 6d on sale at Patersons, 27 George Street and Woods, 40 George Street.
Publicity and Reviews: 

Concert advertised in The Scottish Leader on 28 January 1893 and 11 February 1893.
The Reid Concert will this year be given on Tuesday 14 February at 8 o'clock.  The soloists have been engaged -
Fraulein Fillunger, the admirable soprano
Herr Julius Klengel, the famous violoncellist
Mr Charles Reynolds, the excellent oboe player who has agreed to perform a Suite by J.S. Bach on the obsolete oboe d'amore.
Mr Francis Gibson, accompanist
Grand orchestra of 86 players carefully selected London, Manchester and Scottish instrumentalists with M. Maurice Sons as leader.

(Ticket prices were given in the advertisement on 11 February but not on 28 January)

David Macdonald, 42 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

For this concert programme Professor Niecks included a contents page, a portrait of General Reid, the Founder of the Music Chair, as a young man and a copy of his obituary from The Scots Magazine of March 1807.

"Feb 6.  At London, General John Reid, Colonel of the 88th Regiment.  He was 80 years of age, and has left a fortune of about £50,000 sterling.  Three gentlemen are named executors, to whom he has left £100 each; the remainder of his property in trust, to be life-rented by an only daughter, who married without his consent, a Mr Robertson, whom failing, to the College of Edinburgh.  When it takes that destination, he desires his executors to apply it to the College, imprimis, to institute a Professor of Music, with a salary of not less than £300 a year; in other respects to be applied to the purchase of a library, and to be laid out in such manner as the Principal and Professors may think proper."

The concert is also noteworthy for the early use of an oboe d'amore by Charles Reynolds, for playing Bach.