Annual Reid Concert 1892

Saturday, February 13, 1892

Programme of the fifty-second Reid Concert


Miss Marguerite MacIntyre - soprano, 
Mr Ffrangcon-Davies - baritone, 
Mr Max Pauer - pianist, 

M. Maurice Sons - solo violinist and leader,
Mr F. W. Bridgman - accompanist, 
Professor Niecks - conductor   

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
1. Introduction, Pastorale, Minuet and March ... General Reid
2. Suite in D major, for orchestra ... J.S.Bach
3. Aria, "Angels ever bright and fair," ("Theodora")- G.F.Handel
     Miss MacIntyre
4. Recit and Aria, "Thou decidest her fate," ... Gluck
     Mr Ffrangcon-Davies
5. Concerto (No.23, in A major), for Pianoforte and Orchestra ... W.A.Mozart
     Mr Max Pauer
6. Duettino, "La ci darem la mano," from "Don Giovanni," ... W.A.Mozart
     Miss MacIntyre and Mr Ffrangcon-Davies
7. Grand Concerto, in G minor, for Stringed Instruments ... G.F.Handel

Part II
8. Symphony, in E flat, for Orchestra, ... J.Haydn
    (No.1 of Breitkopf & Hartel's Edition, one of the twelve composed for Salomon's Concerts in London.)
9. English songs
(a) "Now Phoebus sinketh in the west," ... Th.A. Arne
(b) "The Lass that loves a Sailor," ... C.Dibdin
      Mr Ffrangcon-Davies
10. Pianoforte solos
(a) "La Poule," ... J. Ph. Rameau
(b) Passecaille, ... Francois Couperin
(c) Sonata in D major ... Domenico Scarlatti
      Mr Max Pauer
11. Scotch song, "Auld Robin Gray" ... anon.
12. Overture to the Opera "Lodoiska," ... Cherubini


Performance Type:

24 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Illustrated Preliminary Remarks and programme notes written by Professor Niecks.

Musical examples in the notes on the J.S.Bach, Mozart (Piano Concerto), Handel (Grand Concerto), Haydn, and Cherubini


Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Gallery (front row), Centre Stalls 8/-; Gallery (front), 6/-; Side stalls 5/-; Under-gallery 2/6; Organ gallery and Gallery (back) 2/-
Publicity and Reviews: 

Professor Niecks distributed a circular in advance of the concert stating the aims of the new Professor of Music, "to form the nucleus of a local orchestra."

Review:  The Scotsman, Feb. 13, 1892  THE REID CONCERT

Review:  The Musical Times and Singing Class Circular, Vol.33. No.590 (Apr. 1 1892) p.228 - Music in Edinburgh
This review article did not include a reference to the Annual Reid Concert in February 1892.  It did mention the inaugural address given by Professor Niecks on 29 February and four illustrated lectures on 'Early Instrumental Forms' "delivered to mixed audiences last month".

David Macdonald, 42 Hanover Street, Edinburgh

The review of the concert in "The Scotsman" recorded that although Professor Niecks was justified in confining the programme to a well-defined period in the history of music, exception must be taken to its extreme length, a fault which was aggravated by the concession of two encores.  
One of the encores was identified as "Ye banks and braes," performed by Miss Macintyre and the second was a repetition of the duet from "Don Giovanni."