Annual Reid Concert 1872

Tuesday, February 13, 1872
7.45 pm

Professor Oakeley notes: "The Thirty-second Commemorative Reid Concert on the birth-day of the munificent founder of the Chair of Music - the seventh under the present regime - having commenced with a specimen ... 'to shew the taste of music about the middle of the last century' ... thus terminates with a specimen of novelty in orchestration produced about the middle of the present century - of music now much in vogue in Germany and even in Italy, if not, as its admirers claim for it, 'The Music of the Future'."


Principal Artistes

Madame Louise Kapp - soprano
Mademoiselle Sophie Loewe - contralto
Herr Stockhausen - baritone
Madame Norman-Neruda - violin

Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
Introduction, Pastorale, Minuet and March ... General Reid
Overture, "Der Freischütz," ... Weber
Grand scena, "Wie naht mir der Schlummer." (Der Freischütz) ... Weber
  Madame Louise Kapp
Concerto No.1 in G minor, Op. 25) ... Mendelssohn
  Pianoforte (Mr Charles Hallé) and Orchestra
Recit. ed Aria "Hai giá vinta la causa," (Le Nozze di Figaro) ... Mozart
  Herr Stockhausen
Symphony in F, No. 8, Op. 93 ... Beethoven

An interval of fifteen minutes

Part II
Overture, "In the Highlands", Op. 7 ... Gade
Song, "Va, die elle," (Robert le Diable) ... Meyerbeer
  Mademoiselle Sophie Loewe
Solo violin, Adagio, Concerto No.9 ... Spohr
  Madame Norman-Neruda
Scherzo (for orchestra), "Komarinskaja," ... Glinka
Canzonetta (alla Napolitano), "Sempre più t'amo ... Oakeley
  Madame Louise Kapp
Solo pianoforte
  (a)  Gavotte ... Gluck
  (b)  Gigue ... Handel
  Mr Charles Halle
Song, "Memnon", Op. 6 (With Brahms' Instrumentation) ... Schubert
  Herr Stockhausen
Overture, "Tannhauser," ... Wagner

24 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

Professor Oakeley's note for the Weber overture included the words "one reason which has led to the selection of this well-known overture is to enable the audience to appreciate the remarkable efficiency of the horn players in the orchestra this evening assembled."

Although not stated in the programme that there was an alternative conductor for the piano concerto, it was noted in the review of the concert printed in "The Musical Times" on March 1, 1872 that "Mendelssohn's concerto in G minor was charmingly performed by Mr Halle who was enthusiastically recalled.  The accompaniments of the orchestra, under the conducting of Mr C.A. Seymour [leader of the orchestra], were characterised by the usual refinement and delicacy"

Publicity and Reviews: 

There was a review of the concert in "The Musical Times," March 1. 1872, pp. 419-420

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