Annual Reid Concert 1870

Saturday, February 12, 1870

The Thirtieth Annual Reid Concert, given in commemoration of the one hundred and forty-fifth anniversary of the munificent General's birth.  H.S.O.
This statement was printed in the programme but Professor Oakeley's calculations appear to be a little awry.  General Reid is thought to have been born around 1721 or 1722 and there have not been 30 concerts since 1841, e.g. there was no concert in 1844.


Principal Artistes

Miss Edith Wynne - soprano
Mr W.H.Cummings - tenor
Madame Norman-Neruda - violin

Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
Introduction, pastorale, minuet and march ... General Reid
 (Scored by Anschutz, 1855)
Overture, "Ruy Blas," ... Mendelssohn
Recit and Air, "The mighty master,", "Softly sweet in Lydian measure," (Alexander's Feast) ... Handel
  Mr W.H. Cummings, (Violincello Obbligato) M. Vieuxtemps
Pianoforte Concerto in F minor, Op.79 ... Weber
  Mr Charles Hallé
Song, "Rose softly blooming," (Azor and Zemira) ... Spohr
  Miss Edith Wynne
Symphony in E flat, "The Eroica," No.3, Op.55 ... Beethoven

An interval of fifteen minutes

Part II
Overture to Byron's, "Manfred," Op.115 ... R. Schumann
Romance, in G (with orchestra) ... Beethoven
  Madame Norman-Neruda - violin
Song, "Happy Hours," ... H.S.Oakeley
  Mr W.H.Cummings
Air de Ballet, "Rosamunde" ... F. Schubert
Recit. ed Aria, "Zeffiretti lusinghieri," (Idomenèo) ... Mozart
  Miss Edith Wynne
Pianoforte solos,
  (a) Prelude and Fugue in C# major ... J.S.Bach
  (b) Impromptu Op.29 ... Chopin
  Mr Charles Hallé
Overture, "Guillaume Tell," ... Rossini

28 page booklet
Publicity and Reviews: 

Report of the concert was published in "The Musical Times" March 1, 1970, p. 407

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