Annual Reid Concert 1869

Saturday, February 13, 1869

Professor Oakeley describes this occasion as "... the Twenty-ninth Annual Reid Commemoration Concert, given on the One Hundred and Forty-fourth anniversary of the munificent General's birth, and on the eve of St Valentine, 1869."  It was the first Annual Reid Concert given by Charles Hallé and his band from Manchester.


Principal Artistes

Miss Edith Wynne
Mr Sims Reeves
Mr C A Seymour - leader
Mr Charles Hallé - solo pianist and conductor

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Introduction, pastorale, minuet and march ... General Reid
Overture, "Euryanthe," ... Weber
Song, "Mi tradì" (Don Giovanni) ... Mozart
  Miss Edith Wynne
Pianoforte Concerto, in D minor, No.2, Op.40 ... Mendelssohn
  Mr Charles Hallé
Recit and Air, "Love in her eyes sits playing" (Acis and Galatea) ... Handel
  Mr Sims Reeves
Symphony in A major, No.7 Op.92 ... Beethoven

An interval of fifteen minutes

Part II
Overture, "Anacreon," ... Cherubini
Song, "I'd weep with thee," (Oberon) ... Weber
  Mr Sims Reeves
Entr'acte, in B flat "Rosamunde" ... Schubert
Romanza, "Quando a te lieta, etc." (Faust) ... Gounod
  Miss Edith Wynne
  (Violoncello Obbligato) M. Vieuxtemps
Pianoforte solos,
  (a)  Prelude in G ... Bach
  (b)  Arabesque ... Schumann
  (c)  Fantasia Impromptu in C# minor ... Chopin
  Mr Charles Hallé
Song"'Tis not alone that thou art fair" ... Oakeley
  (First time)
  Mr Sims Reeves
Overture, "Semiramide," ... Rossini

30 page booklet
Programme Notes: 

On page seven of the programme are printed the words adapted to the music of General Reid's march "In the garb of old Gaul".