Annual Reid Concert 1853

Monday, February 14, 1853

Madame Pleyel - pianoforte
Madame Fiorentini - soprano
Miss Alleyne - alto
Mr Weiss - bass

Frank Mori - conductor

The regimental band from the Castle

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I

Overture, "Don Giovanni" ... Mozart

Terzetto, "Vaga, vaga" ... Campaert
  Madame Fiorentini, Miss Alleyne and Mr Weiss

Aria, "Il soave e bel contento ... Pacini

Fantasia, "Don Pasquale" ... Prudent
   Madame Pleyel - pianoforte

Grand Air, "Softly, softly" (Der Freischutz) ... Weber

Song, "Der Wanderer" ... Schubert
  Mr Weiss

Duet, "Dearest, let thy footsteps" (Faust) ... Spohr
  Miss Alleyne and Mr Weiss

Soirees Musicales ... Liszt
    "La Ragata Veneziana" and "La Danza" (Rossini)
  Madame Pleyel - pianoforte

Pastorale and Minuet, Grand March "The Garb of Old Gaul" ... General Reid
 performed by the Regimental Band in residence at the Castle

Part II

Duet, "The Gondola" ... H. Smart
  Madame Fiorentini and Miss Alleyne

German Air, "The Echo Song" ... Taubert

Marche Slavonique ... Blumenthal
  Madame Pleyel - pianoforte

Ballads ... Frank Mori
  "Tis only thee I love"
  "Twas on a Sunday morning"
  Madame Fiorentini

Song, "I'm a Rostner" (Son and Stranger) ... Mendelssohn

Trio, The Carnival" ... H. Smart
  Madame Fiorentini, Miss Alleyne and Mr Weiss

Grand Finale, "Illustrations du Propheète ... Liszt
Madame Pleyel - pianoforte

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Admission free
[Reid] Professor: 

Information for this concert is taken from the newspaper report of the concert.  No printed programme is available.
The report mentions that the regimental band from the Castle were in atendance to play General Reid's Minuet and March, but the band has not yet been identified.