Annual Reid Concert 1848

Monday, February 14, 1848

Herr Dürrner - conductor
M. Thalberg - pianoforte
Mr A Mackenzie - leader

Miss Bassano
Mr T. Williams
Sigr. Ciabatta
The Misses A. & M. Williams

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 


Part I

March and Minuet ... General Reid

Overture: "Iphigenie" [sic. no indication of Aulis or Tauris] ... Gluck

Vocal Trio "Turn on, old Time" ... William Vincent Wallace 
  Miss Bassana, Mr T. Williams, Sigr. Ciabatta

Duet: "Lasciami non t'ascolto" (Tancredi) ... Rossini
  The Misses A. & M. Williams

Solo:  "Or che splende"
  Sigr. Ciabatta

Fantasia for pianoforte on themes from "La Sonnambula" ... Bellini (arr. Thalberg)
  Thalberg - pianoforte

Morceau, Barcarolle et Tarantelle ... Thalberg
  Thalberg - pianoforte

Overture: "Die Hebriden" ... Mendelssohn

Vocal quartet: "Evening" ... Mendelssohn
  The Misses A. & M. Williams, Mr T Williams and Sigr. Ciabatta

Song: "The Slumberer"
  Miss Bassano

Vocal Trio:  (no details given in press report)
  The Misses A. & M. Williams and Miss Bassano


Part II

Fantasia for pianoforte on theme from "Don Pasquale" ... Donizetti (arr. Thalberg)

The press notices indicate sketchily that Part II consisted of more singing, and of piano solo performed by Thalberg but no further details were given.



Performance Type:

Programme Notes: 

No programme available.  The programme material listed above has been gleaned from press reports of the concert.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Admission free
Publicity and Reviews: 

Reviews in "The Scotsman"  Wednesday  February 16, 1848, and "The Edinburgh Advertiser".
Review in the "Caledonian Mercury" Thursday February 17, 1848

[Reid] Professor: 

No orchestra is mentioned but it seems likely that it may have been the orchestra of the Edinburgh Musical Association/Professional Society of Musicians for whom Dürrner was the conductor in 1848.

The inclusion of (at least) two works by Mendelssohn may have been to mark the death of the composer three months earlier on 4 November 1847.