Annual Reid Concert 1845

Thursday, February 13, 1845
8.00 pm

Fourth Annual Reid Commemoration Concert 


Principal vocal performers

Mrs Edmunds
Mrs Bushe
Mr Edmunds
Mr Ebsworth

Leaders - Mr Finlay Dun and Mr Musgrave
Principal second violins - Mr Guynemer and Mr A Mackenzie
Principal viola - Mr R. B. Stewart
Solo violoncello - Herr Drechsler.   Principal violoncello - Mr Hagart
Organ and pianoforte - Mr C Hargitt

The orchestra will be complete in every department
The chorus has been selected from the various Choral Societies of Edinburgh and is under the superintendence of Mr Mather
The whole under the direction of Mr James Dewar

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part First

The first part of Haydn's oratorio, "The Creation" ... Haydn
Introduction (Chaos,)
Recit. - Mr Ebsworth - "In the beginning"
Chorus - "And the Spirit of God"
Recit. - Mr Edmunds - "And God saw the light"
Air - "Now vanish"
Chorus - "Despairing"
Recit. - Mr Ebsworth - "And God made the firmament"
Air - Mrs Bushe - "The marvellous work"
Chorus - "And the ethereal vaults"
Recit. - Mr Ebsworth - "And God said, let the waters"
Air - "Rolling with foaming billows"
Recit. - Mrs Bushe - "And God said"
Air - "With verdure clad"
Recit. - Mr Edmunds - "And the heavenly host"
Chorus - "Awake the harp"
Recit. - Mr Edmunds - "And God said"
Recit. acc. - Mr Edmunds - "In splendour bright"
Chorus - "The heavens are telling"


Duet - Mrs Edmunds and Mrs Bushe - "I waited for the Lord" and  Chorus - "O blessed are they," (Hymn of Praise) ... Dr F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Preghiera - Mr Edmunds - "Fra nembi crudele," ... Mercadante
Chorale - "Sleepers, awake," (St Paul) ... Dr F. M. Bartholdy
Song - Mrs Edmunds - "The call of the quail," ... Beethoven
Double chorus - "The Lord shall reign for ever and ever," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Recit. - Mr Edmunds - "For the host of Pharaoh," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Double chorus - "The Lord shall reign," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Recit. - Mr Edmunds - "And Miriam, the prophetess," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Solo - Mrs Edmunds - "Sing ye to the Lord," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Grand double chorus - "The horse and his rider," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel

(An interval of fifteen minutes)

Part Second

Grand overture - "A midsummer night's dream," ... Dr F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Duet - Mr and Mrs Edmunds - "Amor possente nome," (Armida) ... Rossini
Madrigal - (full choir) - "Flora gave me fairest flowers," ... Wilbye, 1598
Song - Mrs Edmunds - "La Pastorella Dell' Alpi," ... Rossini
Solo, violoncello - Mr Drechsler - Fantasie, ... Kummer
Cavatina - Mr Edmunds - "Ecco Il Pegno," ... Donizetti

Introduction - march - minuetto - and chorus - "In the garb of old Gaul," ... composed by General Reid
arranged for a full orchestra, and assisted by the Band of the Royal Scots Greys, who will attend by permission of Lieutenant-Colonel Clarke

Ballad - Mrs Bushe - "Of a' the airts the wind can blaw," ... Marshall
Quartet - Mrs Bushe, Mrs Edmunds, Mr Edmunds and Mr Ebsworth - "Lo the early beams of morning," ... Balfe
Grand Overture - "Jubilee," introducing God Save the Queen, ... C. M. von Weber

24-page programme book
Programme Notes: 

Book of Words gave the list of works to be performed and the texts in English or in the original language.

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 5s; Programme Price: sixpence
Publicity and Reviews: 

Advertisement in advance of the concert in "The Edinburgh Advertiser" on Tuesday February, 4, 1845.

Review in "The Caledonian Mercury" (issue 19442) on Monday 17 February 1845

James Brydone, 17 South Hanover Street, Edinburgh

The organ in the new Music Hall was built by Mr Hill of London and after further improvements to the instrument a recital was given in the the Music Hall on Saturday 30the September 1844.
(British minstrel and musical literary miscellany, Vol. 3, issue 81, published January 1845, p. 125)