Annual Reid Concert 1843

Monday, February 13, 1843
8.00 pm

Third Annual Concert appointed by the trustees of the Reid Fund, to be given in memory of General Reid, Founder of the Chair of Music in the University of Edinburgh.


Principal Vocal Performers:

Miss Sabilla Novello (her first appearance in Edinburgh)
Mrs Bushe
Miss Maria B. Hawes (of the London Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts)
Mr Edmunds
Herr Gustav Brandt
Mr Ebsworth
Mr H Phillips

W.T. Murray, Esq. has kindly permitted the attendance of his orchestra of the Theatre Royal

Leader - of the First part, Mr Dewar
              of the Second part, Mr Musgrave
              of the Third part, Mr Finlay Dun
Principal second violin, Mr Guynemer, principal viola, Mr F. Dun, principal violoncello, Mr Hagart
Pianoforte - Mr C Hargitt, pianoforte solo - Mr F. Mori

The orchestra will be complete in every department
The chorus has been selected from the various choral societies of Edinburgh, and is under the superintendence of Mr Mather
The whole under the direction of Professor Sir Henry, R. Bishop

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part First

"Stabat Mater," with English sacred words, adapted by Mr W. Ball ... Rossini
1.  Introduction and Chorus - "Lord most holy!"
  The solo parts by Mrs Bushe, Miss Maria B. Hawes, Mr Edmunds and Mr Ebsworth
2. Air, - Mr Edmunds - "Lord! vouchsafe thy loving kindness."
3. Duet, - Miss Sabilla Novello and Mrs Bushe - "Power Eternal!"
4. Air, - Mr H. Phillips - "Through the darkness."
5. Solo, - Mr Phillips and chorus (without accompaniment) - "Thou has tried our hearts."
6. Quartet, - Mrs Bushe, Miss M.B. Hawes, Messrs Edmunds and Phillips - "I have longed for Thy salvation."
7. Cavatina, - Mrs Bushe - "I will sing of Thy great mercy."
8. Air, - Miss S. Novello and chorus - "When Thou comest to the judgement."
9. Quartet, - Miss Novello, Miss Hawes, Messrs Edmunds and Phillips (without accompaniment) - "Hear us, Lord!"
10. Chorus, - "To him be glory evermore."

Air, - Miss Hawes - "Lord, remember David" (Redemption) ... Handel
Air, - Mr Phillips - "O God, have mercy," (St Paul) ... Dr F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Recitative and Air, - Miss Novello - "With verdure clad"  (Creation) ... Haydn
Double Chorus, - "From the Censer" (Solomon) ... Handel

An interval of ten minutes

Between the First and Second parts

The first movement of Hummel's Quintetto in D minor, for pianoforte, violin, viola, violoncello and double bass
 - Mr F. Mori, Messrs Musgrave, Finlay Dun, Hagart, and Macdonald 

Part Second
Overture,  "The Isles of Fingal" ... Dr F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy
Song, - Mrs Bushe - "Loch-na-Garr" ... Scotch melody

Introduction - March - Minuetto - and Chorus, "In the Garb of Old Gaul" ... General Reid
 arranged for full orchestra, and assisted by the Band of the Inniskilling Dragoons, who will attend by permission of Lieutenant- Colonel White

Quartetto, - Miss S. Novello, Miss M.B. Hawes, Mr Edmunds and Mr Phillips - "Ecco quel fiero istante" ... Costa
Scena, - Herr Gustav Brandt - "Nein länger trag" (Der Freischütz) ... C.M. von Weber
New Ballad, - Miss M. B. Hawes - "Oh! chide me not, my mother!" ... M.B. Hawes
Song, - Mr Edmunds - "From the Alp the horn resounding" - (violoncello obligato, Mr Hagart) ... Proch
Aria, - Miss S. Novello - "Bel raggio lusinghier" (Semiramide) ... Rossini
Song, - Mr Phillips - "Go, lovely Rose!" ... (The Poetry by Waller) ... W. H. Callcott
Grand March and Chorus - "Crown ye the Altars" (from Kotzebue's "Ruins of Athens") ... Beethoven

An interval of five minutes

Overture, - "Der Vampyr" ... Lindpaintner
Song, - Miss Novello - "Bonnie Prince Charlie" ... Scotch melody
Trio, - Mrs Bushe, Miss Hawes, and Mr Phillips and chorus - "The Chough and Crow" ... Professor Sir Henry R. Bishop
Song, - Miss Hawes (by desire) - "The Minstrel Boy" ... Irish melody
Air, - Mr Phillips and chorus - "Haste thee, Nymph," (L'Allegro) ... Handel
Quartet, - Miss Novello, Miss Hawes, Mr Edmunds and Mr Ebsworth - "Over the dark blue waters" (Oberon) ... C. M. von Weber
Finale, - "God save the Queen" - the principal singers and chorus


Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Programme Price: sixpence
Andrew Shortrede, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh