Annual Reid Concert 1842

Monday, February 21, 1842
8.00 pm

Second Annual Reid Commemoration Concert

The programme here is presented in a format similar to that in which it was printed in 1842


Principal Vocal Performers

Miss Birch, (of the London Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts),
Mrs Bushe and
Miss Maria B. Hawes,  (of the Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts),
Mr Templeton, 
Mr Kenward, 
Mr Ebsworth, 
Mr Hobbs, (Of Her Majesty's Chapels Royal).

W.H.Murray Esq. has kindly permitted the attendance of his Orchestra of the Theatre Royal.
Leader, Mr Loder (one of the Directors of the London Philharmonic Society);
Principal Second Violin, Mr Dewar;
Principal Viola, Mr Finlay Dun;
Pianoforte, - first part, Mr J.M.Muller;   second part, Mr C. Hargitt.
The Orchestra will be complete in every department.
The Chorus has been selected from the various Choral Societies of Edinburgh.
The whole under the direction of Professor H.R. Bishop.

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part First
Overture, Recit. accompanied - Mr Hobbs - "Comfort ye my people," and Air - "Every valley", Chorus - "And the glory of the Lord"... (Messiah) ... Handel
Recit. - Mrs Bushe - "Ye sacred Priests," and Air - " Farewell, ye limpid streams" ...(Jephthah)... Handel
Chorale - (Full Choir) - "O let us praise the Lord" ... Martin Luther
Air - Miss Maria B. Hawes - "Lord, to thee each night and day," ...(Theodora) ... Handel
Chorus - "Hark! death's portals" ... Himmel
Recit. - Miss Birch - "And God said," and Air - "With verdure clad", Recit. - Mr Hobbs - "In splendour bright," and Chorus - "The heavens are telling" ... (Creation) ... Haydn
Air - Miss M.B.Hawes - (by desire) - "Holy, holy" ... (Redemption) ... Handel
Quartetto - Mrs Bushe, Miss M.B.Hawes, Mr Hobbs and Mr Ebsworth - "Benedictus" ... (Requiem) ... Mozart
Recit. - Miss Birch - "O worse than death," and Air - "Angels, ever bright and fair" ... (Theodora) ... Handel
Chorus - "The Lord shall reign for ever and ever", Recit. - Mr Hobbs - "For the host of Pharaoh", Chorus - "The Lord shall reign",  Recit. - Mr Hobbs - "And Miriam, the prophetess", Solo - Miss Birch - "Sing ye to the Lord" and Double Chorus - "The horse and his rider" ... (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel

(An interval of fifteen minutes)

Part Second
Overture - Egmont ... Beethoven
Cavatina - Mr Templeton - "All is lost," and Air - "Still so gently o'er me stealing," ... Bellini
Quintet - Mrs Bushe, Miss M.B. Hawes, Mr Hobbs, Mr Kenward and Mr Ebsworth - "Blow, gentle gales" ... Professor Bishop
Ballad - Miss Birch - "The last adieu," ... E. Perry

Introduction, Pastorale Movement - (Flute and Clarionet Obligato) - Minuetto and Grand March  composed by General Reid
Arranged for a full orchestra, and assisted by the Band of the 17th Lancers, who will attend by permission of
Lieutenant-Colonel St Quintin

Song - Miss Birch - "Here's a health to those far away" ... Scotch Melody
Andante and Allegro from a Quartetto - Messrs, Loder, Dewar, Finlay Dun and J. Cooke ... Kalliwoda
Song - Miss M.B.Hawes - "The Minstrel Boy" ... Irish Melody
Glee - Miss Birch, Miss M.B.Hawes, Messrs Hobbs, Kenward and Ebsworth - "When winds breathe soft" ... Webbe
New National Song - Mr Hobbs - "God bless thee, Queen of England" ... Hobbs
Duet - Miss Birch, and Miss M.B.Hawes - "Meet again!" ... Professor Bishop
Finale, Overture - "Die Zauberflöte" ... Mozart




Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 5/- Programme Price: sixpence
Andrew Shortrede, George IV Bridge, Edinburgh

The doors will be opened at seven o'clock; and the performance will commence at eight precisely.

(Miss Birch sang "With verdure clad" at a Blagrove concert in Edinburgh in December 1840, this suggests she was a regular visitor to the city.)