Annual Reid Concert 1841

Friday, February 12, 1841
7.00 pm

The first Annual Reid Concert took place in 1841, according to the terms of the Will of General Reid, although the date chosen was February 12, not February 13, the date mentioned in the will.   It was presented under the direction of John Thomson, the first Professor of the Theory of Music at the University of Edinburgh who had been appointed in 1839. 
The wording on the cover of the programme describes the event as "College Concert, First Annual Concert in memory of General Reid, founder of the Chair of Music in the University of Edinburgh."

The programme here is presented in the format in which it was printed in 1841, similarly the lists of members of the orchestra and members of the chorus are as printed in the programme booklet.


The following vocal performers have been engaged:
Miss Maria B. Hawes (Her first appearance in Scotland) and
Mr Machin (both of the London Philharmonic and Ancient Concerts and Grand Musical Festivals)
Mrs Bushe,
Miss Smith,
Miss J Smith,
Mr Shrivall,
Mr Saunders,
(All of the Theatre Royal, by the obliging consent of W.H. MURRAY, Esq., who has also kindly permitted the attendance of his Orchestra)
Mrs Cooper
Mr Jackson
Mr Müller - pianoforte
Mr C Hargitt - organ

Leader of the orchestra: Mr Loder
(One of the Directors and Leaders of the London Philharmonic Society)
Leader of the violoncellos (from London): Mr Bonner

Chorus Master: Mr Jackson (Director of the Edinburgh Choral Society)

The whole will be under the Direction of Professor Thomson

Work(s) / Composer(s) / Opus No(s): 

Part I
Overture in A minor, (Oratorio of Saint Paul) ... Mendelssohn
Quartett and chorus in G - "Lord of Heaven,"  Mrs Cooper, Messrs Jackson, Shrivall and Saunders ... Haydn
Air in E flat - "He was despised," (Messiah) Miss Maria B. Hawes ... Handel
Chorus in D -, "Te Deum Laudamus," (Te Deum) ... Graun
Air -  "On Mighty Plumes," (Creation) Mrs Bushe ... Haydn
Duet in E flat - Organ, "St Ann's Fugue" Messrs Hargitt and Muller ... S.Bach
Grand chorus- "The Arm of the Lord." (Judah) ... Haydn
Grand scena  in E minor - "The Last Man,"  Mr Machin ... W. H. Callcott
Trio for Viola, Violoncello and Contra Basso - Messrs Loder, Bonner and Henry ... Corelli
Recit. - "Deeper and Deeper Still," and Air - "Waft her, Angels," (Jephthah)  Mr Shrivall  ... Handel
Quartett - "Recordare," (Requiem)  Mrs Bushe, Miss Maria B. Hawes, Messrs Shrivall and Machin ... Mozart
Grand Chorus - "Hallelujah" (Mount of Olives) ... Beethoven

An interval of ten minutes

Part II
Grand Symphony in C minor ... Beethoven
Chorale - "Sleepers, wake!" (St Paul) ... Mendelssohn
Recit. and air - "Return, O God of Hosts," (Samson)  Miss Maria B. Hawes ... Handel
Duet- "Qual Anelante," Misses Smith ... Marcello
Air - "Why do the Nations," (Messiah)  Mr Saunders ... Handel
Quartett Movement - Messrs Loder, Dewar, Dun and Bonnar ... Haydn
 [Andante in D from the Quartet no. 2 of op. 80]
Air  in E flat - O Lord! have mercy," Miss Smith ... Pergolesi
 [from a "Confitebor"]
Quartet - "Lo! Star-led Chiefs," (Palestine)  Miss Cooper, Messrs Jackson, Shrivall and Saunders ... Crotch
Chorus - "But as for his People," (Israel in Egypt) ... Handel
Trio- "On Thee each Living Soul," (Creation)  Mrs Bushe, Messrs Shrivall and Machin ... Haydn
Air- "Holy, holy," (Adapted from Dove sei - Rodelinda) ... Miss Maria B. Hawes ... Handel
Grand chorus - "Hallelujah," (Messiah) ... Handel

An interval of fifteen minutes

Grand March No. IV. of Twelve Marches composed by General Reid
and arranged for full Military Band by Winter
(To be played by the Band of the Queen's Dragoons, who will attend by permission of
Lieutenant Colonel Kearney)

Part III
Overture - "The Shadow on the Wall"  ... Professor Thomson
Song - "The Mermaid's Cave," Miss Maria B. Hawes ... C. E Horn
Duet - "See vedete una ragazza," (Il matrimonio per raggiro)  Misses Smith ... Cimarosa
Cantata - "Mad Tom,"  Mr Machin, Pianoforte obligato by Mr J.M.Muller ... Purcell
Madrigal for four voices - "Down in a flowery vale," (To be sung by Thirty members of the Choral Society) ... Festa
Trio - "Night's ling'ring shades," (Amor and Zemira)  Misses Smith and Miss Maria B. Hawes ... Spohr
Song - "I'll speak of thee,"  Miss Maria B. Hawes ... Maria B. Hawes
Chorus - "A Parting Blessing," (The Shadow on the Wall) ... Professor Thomson
Overture - "Oberon" ... Weber




38-page Booklet
Programme Notes: 

An introduction to the programme of performance was included:  College Concert in conformity with the bequest of General Reid.
Programme of performance in three parts was listed as above.  A full orchestra list detailing instruments and performers was included and a full listing of the names of the trebles, altos, tenors and basses in the chorus.  This list of trebles included 9 married ladies, 31 unmarried ladies and 10 boys.  There are no ladies on the list of altos. 

Analytical programme notes were included in the programme booklet for most of the works in the concert, for others only the text of the vocal work was printed.
Described as "Words of the Airs, Concerted Pieces, and Choruses: with Brief Notices of The Music by Professor Thomson".
This was thought to be the first time such detailed programme notes had been included for the benefit of the audience.

Many of the notes also included detail of the time signature for the work, listed as e.g. 3/4, 3/8 or C.T. (Common Time).
Guidance was also given as to the significance of the key signature:  "When the name of the key is mentioned, it is always understood to be Major."

Ticket and/or Programme Price(s): 
Tickets 5/- Programme Price: sixpence
Publicity and Reviews: 

Review:  Caledonian Mercury (Edinburgh, Scotland), February 15, 1841; Issue 18893 - College Concert


[Reid] Professor: 
Thomas Paton, North-West Circus Place, Edinburgh

The performance featured artists from London and Edinburgh and due to public demand for tickets the concert was repeated the following day, Saturday 13 February, in the morning.


Reid Commemoration Concert:
College concert in conformity with the bequest of General Reid

The Orchestra will consist of fifty-six performers.
The Chorus will consist of one hundred and twenty-six voices.
The Organ of the Catholic Chapel in Lothian Street has, through the kindness and liberality of the Right Rev. Dr. Gillis, been obtained for this occasion, and will be erected by Messrs Bruce and Co.

The performance is fixed to commence precisely at seven o'clock.  And the doors wil be opened at half-past five.  Carriages may be ordered at eleven.