2023 anniversary dates associated with Music at the University of Edinburgh

Listed here are a number of anniversary years ending in 3 and 8, which are closely associated with the history of Music at the University of Edinburgh and the Reid Concerts.  

I have listed here 8 significant events, by no means a comprehensive list but I thought it was an interesting selection that was worthy of mention.  
From 1839 to 2012, ten men served as [Reid] Professors of Music and three of them feature in this anniversary list.

2023 is also the 301st anniversary of the birth of General John Reid.


2023 Anniversaries

  1.  180th  Third Annual College [Reid] Concert and the second presented by Professor of Music, Henry Rowley Bishop (1843).
  2.  150
th  Henry Hugo Pierson born 1873, third Professor of Music at the University of Edinburgh.
  3.  150
th  Matthew Shirlaw born 1873, first receipient of a Degree in Music awarded by the University of Edinburgh, and the first Music Degree awarded in Scotland (1898).
  4.  130
th  Jelly d'Aranyi born 1893.
  5.  105
th  Kirkhope Choir re-established (1918).
105th  Venue for the Reid Concerts moved to the McEwan Hall from the Music Hall which was taken over by the Military Authorities under the Defence of the Realm Act (16 Feb. 1918)
.  100th  Sunday concerts introduced by Professor Donald Francis Tovey in the Synod Hall, Edinburgh (1923).
.  100th  James A. Moonie died, conductor of Edinburgh University Musical Society and Orchestra from 1896 (1853-1923).

Due to Covid-19 restrictions the Reid Concerts were suspended from March 2020 to September 2022.   
The 2023 Annual Reid Concert will be given on Tuesday 14 February 2023.

Further information about many of the individuals and works mentioned here can be found on the Reid Concerts Database.