2020 anniversary dates associated with Music at the University of Edinburgh


Listed here are a number of anniversary years ending in 00 or 05, which are closely associated with the history of Music at the University of Edinburgh and the Reid Concerts. 
I have listed here 34 significant occasions, by no means a comprehensive list but I thought it was an interesting selection that was worthy of mention.  
From 1839 to 2012, ten men served as [Reid] Professors of Music and nine of them feature in this anniversary list.

2020 Anniversaries

  1.  215th First Professor of Music John Thomson born 1805
  2.  205th Third Professor of Music Henry Hugo Pierson born 1815
  3.  200th Fourth Professor John Donaldson married Dorothea Finlay 1820
  4.  195th August Manns born 1825 (conducted Reid Concerts in 1867 and 1868)
  5.  190th Fifth Professor of Music Herbert Stanley Oakeley born 1830
  6.  175th Sixth Professor and First Reid Professor of Music Frederick Maternus Niecks born 1845
  7.  175th Reid Concert 1845 held for the first time in the Music Hall, George Street
  8.  175th Fourth Professor of Music John Donaldson elected 29 March 1845
  9.  165th Second Professor of Music Henry Rowley Bishop died 1855
10.  155th Professor of Music Donaldson died 1865
11.  155th T.H. Collinson born 1865, Edinburgh University Organist (1897 to 1928)
12.  155th Professor of Music, Herbert Stanley Oakeley elected 2 November 1865
13.  145th Seventh Professor and Second Reid Professor of Music Donald Francis Tovey born 1875
14.  145th Synod Hall, Castle Terrace, opened 1875 (venue for Professor Tovey’s Sunday Concerts)
15.  140th Reid Professor Niecks naturalized British subject 1880
16.  135th Douglas J. Dickson born 1885 (long time supporter of and participant in Reid Concerts 1932 to 1951)
17.  130th Hans Gál born 1890 (composer, performer and member of Faculty of Music 1940s and 1950s)
18.  125th Sir Charles Halle died 1895 (conducted Reid Concerts from 1869 to 1891)
19.  105th Herrick Bunney born 1915, Edinburgh University Organist and Director EU Singers (c.1954 to 1984)
20.  100th Centenary of the 25th concert given by the Reid Orchestra (4 March 1920)
21.    95th Colin Kingsley (1925-2020), pianist, teacher, member of Faculty of Music 1960s to 1990s
22.    90th Michael Tilmouth born 1930, first Tovey Professor at the Faculty of Music (1971 to 1987)
23.    85th Reid Professor Donald Francis Tovey knighted 1935
24.    85th Miles Baster born 1935 (leader of the Edinburgh Quartet 1959 to 1995)
25.    80th Reid Professor Tovey died 1940
26.    75th Edinburgh University Singers founded 1945
27.    70th John Kitchen born 1950, Edinburgh University Organist and Director EU Singers (1988-2018) (performer, teacher and member of staff in Faculty of Music/Reid School of Music 1988 to 2014)
28.    50th Eighth Professor and Third Reid Professor of Music Sidney Newman retired 1970
29.    50th Ninth Professor and Fourth Reid Professor of Music Kenneth Leighton elected 1970
30.    50th First series of summer concerts at St Cecilia's Hall: Bach at St Cecilia’s Hall 1970
31.    35th J. Stewart Deas died 1985 (BMus Edin., conducted the Reid Orchestra in the 1930s including, in 1932, performances of Tovey's opera, 'The Bride of Dionysus')
32.    25th Ian Pitt-Watson died 1995, co-founder Edinburgh University Singers
33.    20th Fiona Donaldson retired 2000, (Concert Secretary in the Faculty of Music 1977-2000)
34.    10th Raymond Monelle died 2010 (composer, performer and member of Faculty of Music 1969 to 2002)

Further information about many of the individuals mentioned here can be found on the Reid Concerts Database.